Origami Kirby

Origami Kirby

How to make an origami Kirby.

It’s actually quite simple.

Most true Kirby fans like to collect merchandise, but what if they wanted to make their own paper Kirby? A simple solution is to learn some basic origami steps. I’m not good at giving instructions, but I’ll try. It may be a little difficult for someone who has never done this before, but it was my first!


  • 2 sheets pink origami paper
  • 1 sheet red origami paper
  • scisors
  • glue
  • patience

First, take one sheet of pink paper, fold it in half to make a triangle, unfold it, fold it the other way to make a triangle, and unfold it again. Push in from the sides to do a special fold. More experienced people will know what I mean. If you are new, try until you have a triangle with flaps making up the front and back. Fold those flaps up on both sides and you will have a diamond. You will still have flaps. Fold them sideways to the center and you will have a misproportioned hexagon. On top there should be more flaps. Tuck them into the little pockets that are found on the flaps you folded to make the hexagon. On the bottom there is a little hole. Blow in it to make a balloon like thing.

Now, cut the red paper and remaining pink paper into 4ths, and repeat the steps on two of the 4ths of each page to make more balloons. Glue the two red to the bottom as feet, the pink on each side as arms, and draw a big smile on his face to complete it. Cogratulations! You now have a paper Kirby!

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